Veterinary Care Support Saved Lives Thanks to YOU! Niko & Pirata’s Story

Niko, a cat with nine lives who always seemed to beat the odds, suddenly stops eating.

Little girl hugging dog named Pirata at our veterinary partner hospital to receive care.Pirata, a dog who never leaves his little girl’s side can hardly lift his head.

Their loving families offer treats, bring the water bowl closer, fluff their bedding and softly stroke their fur, but none of this seems to bring the pets comfort.

Niko’s dad is on disability and is the sole supporter of his four grandchildren. Pirata’s dad works 7 days a week just to put food on the table. Desperation grows for these families as their pets get sicker because there is no extra money to cover a large vet bill.

Can you imagine seeing your beloved dog or cat in this state and feeling so helpless? You have children to feed, you have rent to pay, and you don’t want your furry family member to suffer.

Where do you turn?

Both families hoped the shelter could ease their pet’s suffering. Through streaming tears, they shared their struggles with our shelter intervention counselor.

Niko and Pirata were desperately sick when they each arrived in the lobby, barely clinging to life and limp in their owners’ loving arms.

Because of your generous contributions, there was still hope.

Veterinary Care Support Prevents Surrendered Pets

Your donations covered life-saving veterinary care for these pets in need and both pets were treated with fluids and IV antibiotics to combat what turned out to be serious infections. Niko with his Mastiff brother after receiving life saving veterinary care

Thanks to you, Niko and Pirata will have many more years with the people who love them most.

Niko has since returned to his chosen post-ruling the garage and bossing the dog of the house, a huge Mastiff, around. A sure sign he is feeling better, according to his owners!

Pirata is back to watching over his little girl and dutifully sleeps by her side every night.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of families who face sudden and tough decisions no one should have to make. And since many Arizonans are one or two paychecks from being in this position, it’s a problem more than a few of us are likely to encounter.

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