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This is the look of relief and contentment.


 This is the moment Stitches knew he was finally safe. Held close in his mom’s arms after a week of wandering the streets of Phoenix alone- and it’s all thanks to people like YOU.

Stitches’ mom, Ruby, had to leave town due to a family emergency. She asked a nearby family member to watch over her furry best friend while she was away.

When Stitches darted out the front door, he quickly became lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood. 

Ruby did not learn her dog had gone missing until she returned from her trip a week later. 

She was utterly devastated and heartbroken.  

Ruby rushed down to the shelter hoping there was a chance she would find Stitches. 

When their eyes met through the kennel bars, there were happy tears and joyful barks galore! 

Ruby is a single mom doing her best to provide for her family. After spending all her savings on her unexpected trip, she simply could not afford the shelter fees to take Stitches home. 

That is where you- our compassionate donors, come in to save the day! 

Thanks to your generosity, The Arizona Pet Project immediately stepped in to pay Stitches shelter fees so he could be reunited with his loving family. 

Did you know a donation of $100 covers the cost of sending a pet safely home spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and licensed from the shelter? 

Because your #GivingTuesday donation will be matched today, a $50 gift will be doubled to provide a happy reunion and moment of relief for another pet in need.  

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