Supporting Unconditional Love Through Community Clinics

Coco Email 2

77% of our clients rescued their animals from a life on the streets, or from friends and family who could no longer care for them. Coco is no exception. When Glenda, a mother of three, found Coco outside her home, skinny and dirty, she had no idea what to do. What she did know was she couldn’t leave her there starving and alone.

This was their first dog, and when Glenda saw how her children immediately bonded with Coco, she knew they had made the right decision. So, when two more homeless dogs crossed their path, she took them in too! Chapo and Chapis, as they are now named, became part of the family immediately.

Right away though Glenda started doing the math (1 female + 2 males) and knew it would end in little puppies they couldn’t afford. So when she found out a mobile spay-neuter clinic, funded by the generosity of compassionate donors like YOU, she signed up her three dogs right away. 

When the date of the appointments came along, the entire family piled into the car with their three dogs to take them for their surgeries. Waiting for the phone call letting them know it was time to come get them was torture for Glenda and her kids. Finally, they were told they could come to pick up their beloved bonded family. Once again they piled in the car to bring them home to recover. Can’t you just see the love