Shelter Intervention Success

Shelter Intervention Client Jaime With Dogs Jack & Lola

Jaime’s Story

Imagine coming home one day to the jolting realization that you no longer have a place to call home. Now you must scramble to secure a roof over your head. Not just for yourself, but for your faithful canine companions as well.  That’s where Jaime’s shelter intervention story begins.

After losing his home, Jaime had to move in with a family member, along with his two beloved pups, Jack & Lola. As is often the case, a pet deposit was required for each dog. They also needed proof of vaccinations, and spay or neuter. With no home, no extra income and nobody to turn to, Jaime thought his only choice was to surrender his furry companions to the shelter in hopes they could find a new home who loved them half as much as he did.

Intervention to the Rescue

Jaime arrived in the lobby at Maricopa County Animal Care & Control visibly heartbroken, with Jack & Lola in tow. Daniel, our shelter intervention counselor, recalls, “He was in pain from having to surrender them. He waited in the lobby hugging them the entire time, sobbing. It was obvious he didn’t want to let go of them.”

Our counselor approached Jaime and struck up a conversation to learn more about what brought him in. When Jaime was told support was available to keep his dogs, his face immediately lit up with joy. He fought back tears. He was so relieved he would not have to part from his furry family and he was absolutely elated these services were available. The Arizona Pet Project covered the cost for both dogs to be fixed and vaccinated, as well as the pet deposit fees at his apartment complex so Jaime could stay with his family member. Jaime contacted our counselor soon after to thank us “for working a miracle”!

You Made a Difference

Keeping this family together and saving Jack & Lola was made possible thanks to generous donors and supporters, like you, who believe the best way to reduce euthanasia is by preventing animals from ending up in shelters in the first place. Thank you for supporting families and saving pets!

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