Getting a “Fix” on the Problem!

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Chapis’ Story 

A grandchild is always a cause for celebration!

But, what would you do if your dog suddenly transformed from loyal companion to temperamental tyrant, months before their arrival?

Margarita and her family were concerned about their dog, Chapis, and the new behaviors he was displaying. Their efforts to train him seemed to have little effect on his nipping, mounting, and tendency to become overly-excitable. With a grandson on the way, their worries increased and they were at a loss. Though Chapis was a little dog, he was escalating beyond their ability to control him.

Reluctantly, they arrived at the shelter prepared to surrender Chapis’ due to his increasingly dangerous conduct.  The family discussed their situation with  The Arizona Pet Project’s shelter intervention counselor. They explained Chapis was unaltered and our counselor told them this could be contributing to his behavior. His owners wanted to neuter him. However,  the surgery cost of $400 quoted at their vet was one they could not afford.

Margarita and dog Chapis shelter intervention storyThanks to our generous donors, The Arizona Pet Project was able to cover the cost of his neuter surgery in order to keep Chapis at home with his family.

Margarita noticed an improvement within a few weeks of Chapis’ surgery. Her son called to say, “Thank you so much for helping my mom out, she never would have been able to afford the surgery without your help and he is doing so much better now.”

Spay and Neuter Program Update

Spay and neuter is the most cost-effective way to support families. This service reduces intake by preventing cats and dogs just like Chapis from filling shelters.

With your help, 120,000 pets have received spay & neuter surgeries since 2005! This has resulted in a significant decrease in both shelter intake and euthanasia in Maricopa County.

The exciting news doesn’t stop there! In 2017, we made the transition from providing funding for a voucher-based spay and neuter program, in partnership with Maricopa County Animal Care & Control, to directly funding and managing mobile clinics out in the field. This change makes sure free surgeries are reaching pet owners in communities with the highest need. It will also further increase the program’s impact by saving even more lives!

Also, The Arizona Pet Project supports animal welfare organizations that assist low-income owners, by providing free surgeries to the pets they help. These services are delivered through a network of high-volume spay & neuter clinics.

Thank you for all that you do to help vulnerable pets in Maricopa County, through your support of The Arizona Pet Project.

Together we are supporting families and saving pets! 

Make a donation towards our free spay and neuter program today!