A Serious Injury and No Extra Income: Snoopy’s Story

Snoopy’s Shelter Intervention Story

It’s our worst nightmare, is it yours?

Your dog, a beloved family member, escapes from your house or yard. Scared and disoriented, he darts into the street at exactly the wrong moment.  In a split second the situation turns tragic. Picture this happening to your dog or cat. Now, imagine this:

He is seriously injured and you can’t afford his life-saving surgery.

This is exactly what happened to sweet Snoopy.

Thankfully, Snoopy survived his rush-hour run in but had a very serious injury to his leg. Maricopa County Animal Care & Control brought Snoopy to the shelter. Thankfully, he was wearing a collar and his family was notified of what happened.

Arriving at the Shelter

They rushed to bring him home, but when they saw him they knew it was bad. He had a broken leg. Poor Snoopy was clearly in pain.

Snoopy’s family immediately took him to a local vet who wrapped the leg and provided pain medication for $300.00. They were told he needed surgery to fully heal.

That operation would cost $3,200.

Panicked, they sought out a second opinion. After another $260.00 bill at a second vet, they were again given the grave news that surgery was necessary and it would come at a high price.

Snoopy’s family was crushed. They simply could not afford this bill. Snoopy’s “dad” came back to the shelter not knowing where else to turn. He was hopeful the vets there may be able to do something at a lower cost, but he was prepared to surrender his cherished family dog if it meant Snoopy could get the help he needed.

Our Shelter Intervention Counselor met with him. Snoopy’s dad fought back tears and his voice started to crack as he said, “I am more heartbroken for my children, this is their dog and I am really trying to do this for them. We don’t have the money for all this, but I had to try for them because my kids were so sad.”

The Good News

Well, friends, the kids aren’t sad anymore. Thanks to you, Snoopy is home!

Shelter Intervention Story Snoopy with cast

With your help, we were able to refer Snoopy and his family to one of our veterinary partners and cover the costs of the surgery. Snoopy is right where he belongs, at home resting and recovering, surrounded by the people who love him most in the world!





As you can imagine, the need for help far outweighs the amount of funding available, and when we think of what might have happened to Snoopy if we couldn’t help, it breaks our hearts.

Will you keep more families together with a gift to fund shelter intervention today?

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