Rocky is Walking Again Thanks To You

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When Jeanette found The Arizona Pet Project, she was facing the gut-wrenching possibility of having to say goodbye to her best bud, Rocky. He was suffering from a mysterious condition in his hind legs, rendering them almost unusable.

As a single mother who had lost her job and was struggling to make ends meet to support her family, expensive veterinary care was simply not an option for Jeannette. But, your support in her family’s greatest time of need gave Jeannette what she and Rocky so desperately hoped for: a chance for recovery.

“I remember the day I came to AZ Pet Project — it was such a painful and confusing time for me and my family. Without work and struggling financially as a single mom I was praying on whether or not to put our beloved pet Rocky down and it was AZ Pet Project who showed up to give us hope.”  -Jeannette 

Rocky loves to be outdoors spending time with his family. Running, hiking, swimming – you name it, he’s there for it! So, when he started to drag his hind legs and show signs of pain, it was heart-breaking for his family to witness. He could no longer keep up or do the activities he loved so much.

After an initial veterinary appointment, the doctor suggested an additional visit with a specialist and an expensive surgery would be necessary to correct the problem with Rocky’s legs. This was just not an option for Jeannette, and she was left with an absolutely impossible decision.

Fortunately, Jeannette heard about The Arizona Pet Project and reached out for help. Thanks to the compassionate support of people like you, Rocky was able to get a second opinion. And then the plot thickened. A conflicting diagnosis was revealed!

Our partners at Midwestern College of Veterinary Medicine graciously stepped in to give us a final opinion and it was concluded that Rocky was suffering from osteoarthritis of the hips and his right leg – a totally manageable condition without surgery. Hooray!

With some effective pain management, Rocky is now feeling much better, allowing him to get exercise, lose some weight, and continue life as the active pup he’s always been!

“I like to say he’s even got a little pep in his step now. Rocky may be 10 years old but he still has much love to give and I know he is so grateful we didn’t give up on him.” – Jeannette 

Thank you for not giving up on families with pets in crisis. It’s because of Arizona Pet Project supporters that we have the partnerships and resources to provide support to pets like Rocky. Without your compassion, his fate may have looked very different. Instead, he’s still strutting his stuff and enjoying his days with his family.

Press Play to see just how happy Rocky is today!