Keep them Home for the Holidays: Laurie and Pippa

Dec 2020 Laurie And Pippa Blog Header

When her doctor delivered the news that surgery was the only option to alleviate her chronic back pain, Laurie felt her world turn upside down. So many questions flooded her mind, but the foremost concern was her beloved Pippa. Laurie has no relatives to lean on or friends who were willing to keep and care for her dog for the amount of time it would take to fully recover from the procedure. She wouldn’t be able to lift Pippa onto the bed or couch, lean over to fill her bowls, or take her outside for weeks. Laurie was beginning to feel hopeless.

Our team caught up with Laurie as she hurriedly left the shelter lobby fighting back tears. We learned this was the third shelter she had been to that day and each time she was told they could not take Pippa. She felt heartbroken, scared, and frustrated, but most of all she felt like she was simply out of options in her attempt to do what was best for Pippa.

Thanks to YOU, there was still hope for this family.

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