Our Spay/Neuter Clinic Collaboration with @KeepingFinn

Woman Wearing A Face Mask Kneeling Down Next To A Dog

This past December, we received an Instagram message from an adorable dog named Finn.

Now, I am sure you are thinking something along the lines of “I know dogs are smart, but surely a dog cannot use a smartphone!” And you are right!

We learned the dog that messaged us, Finn, is the face of an influencer by the name of Henry Friedman. Henry started an Instagram account when he was fostering a stray dog from Puerto Rico. After spending a couple of months together, Henry and Finn decided to stick together and become a family. Aren’t foster failure stories the best? Thus, the Instagram account known as @KeepingFinn was founded!


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@KeepingFinn is an Instagram account with nearly 200,000 followers. Henry and his beloved dog, Finn, travel across the country living in a van. A significant number of his impassioned followers contribute to Henry’s monthly Patreon account through donations, and Henry lovingly refers to this group of dedicated followers as #TeamFinn. The purpose of their Patreon? Charity.

Their followers donate funds to pet organizations, hand-picked by Henry, that support their mission: to fund organizations that make an impact on dog rescue communities. Nearly $150,000 was donated to pet rescue organizations in 2020 thanks to #TeamFinn. Henry donates 100% of his Patreon funding to pet rescue organizations–10% of the monthly earnings go to the organization Henry that brought him Finn, The Sato Project, and a hefty 90% of the monthly earnings go to an organization of his choosing, like The Arizona Pet Project!

We are excited to share with you that @KeepingFinn and his #TeamFinn Patreon supporters have sponsored 5 of our free spay/neuter clinics!

This incredible donation covers all of the costs for our free spay/neuter clinics. This includes all of the surgical fees, any necessary medications, and the staffing costs of Dr. Kelly’s Mobile Surgical Unit where the animal surgeries are performed.

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Photos Credit: Henry Friedman

Now more than ever, our community needs access to necessary pet services. Due to COVID-19, hundreds of thousands of families across Maricopa County have struggled financially, leaving many unable to afford life-saving pet services like spay/neuter surgeries. In 2020, The Arizona Pet Project provided our clients with 941 free spay/neuter surgeries, 1,100 vaccines, and 596 take-home paid medications.

Spay/neuter clinics play a crucial part in helping control the stray animal population. Doing so keeps animals off the streets and out of animal shelters across Maricopa County.

With the help of @KeepingFinn and their #TeamFinn donations, along with the support from our incredible people like YOU, The Arizona Pet Project is committed to providing these free spay/neuter clinics in 2021. These free clinics align directly with our mission, and our goal to keep animals and their families healthy, safe, and together.

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