National Train Your Dog Month

Dog Clicker Training

National Train Your Dog Month

Training is vital to the happiness of you and your pet. Adopting a dog means making a commitment to care for that pet—for life. By investing in training, you can avoid major behavior issues that may cause you to think about surrendering your pet.

Spending $50 to $100 for professional training could save you the hassle of chewed up household items, dug up gardens, aggression, and the heartbreak of having to give up on your naughty best friend.

Training is also a wonderful way to build a strong bond with your pet. You will learn together and obtain new skills to enhance your relationship. After all obedience training is not just about our furry friends but also our own actions and how we reinforce desired behaviors in a positive way.

For a list of affordable, local training options visit our behavioral resource page.

Common Behavior Challenges

The ASPCA has an extensive list of common behavior issues with detailed information as to why you may see this behavior in your pet and what to try.

Dog Behavior Issues

Although it is National Train Your Dog Month, our feline friends can also experience behavior issues. Find similar information from the ASPCA for cats at the link below.

Cat Behavior Issues


Helpful Training Videos

Girl holding puppyBringing Puppy Home

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) has created a helpful video on tips if you are bringing home a puppy. This advice may also be helpful if you have adopted an adult dog as well.

Bringing Puppy Home video


Supervising Kids and Dogs

In this next video, APDT discusses what to look for when supervising kids and dogs together to prevent any incidents.

Supervising Kids and Dogs video


Leash trainingLeash Training

Trainer Kristin Crestejo has a quick video with tips for teaching your dog to walk well on a leash.

Train Your Dog to Not Pull video