Monsoon Season Safety Tips

Monsoon Safety

Monsoon season is officially here! While we are glad these storms help lower our hot temperatures, we hope everyone is staying safe.

Here are a few tips to help care for furry family members during inclement weather:

  1. Keep pets indoors during dust and monsoon storms and make sure you secure all pet doors.
  2. Provide a safe place for pets to wait out the storm. For pets afraid of the sound of thunder, consider products like the Thundershirt or Rescue Remedy to help provide comfort. Provide distractions like a special toy, a delicious treat, or soothing music.
  3. Emergency KitHave an emergency kit near the front door or in your car, just in case. Include an extra leash, food, portable bowl, water, and any important medical records or necessary medication.
  4. Walking your dog after a storm? Avoid walking near running water or washes. Heavy rains can lead to flash floods.
  5. Many critters, including the Sonoran Desert toad emerge with monsoon weather. Check your property for these potentially dangerous and toxic species and keep pets away from them.
  6. The wind can lead to sharp debris that may injure pets. Make sure to clear any hazards from your yard before letting pets out again.

Please share these tips with fellow pet owners. Stay safe this summer, friends!