Marley’s Great Adventure: Shelter Intervention Story

At The Arizona Pet Project, our primary goal is preventing pet homelessness by keeping families with pets together. Animals bring comfort, joy, healing, and health. We believe those benefits shouldn’t be restricted to a very small percentage of owners who can afford the best care and resources pets deserve.

A perfect example can be seen in an adventurous dog named Marley. Regrettably, his last journey started with him sneaking out the door. He ventured miles away from home before he was picked up by Animal Control officers as a stray.

Missing Marley

Stray Dog Marley missed by boy fighting Leukemi

However, this story is about more than just a lost dog. Marley’s best buddy is a boy bravely fighting leukemia. When the family realized Marley was lost, the boy took a turn for the worse and was unable to gather the strength to go to school.


Frantic, the family searched all over the neighborhood for Marley before finally finding him at the shelter. They were so relieved! Unfortunately, Marley’s escapade racked up quite a bill, including licensing and boarding fees. The family simply could not afford the fees due to healthcare expenses for their son. This is where YOU, the hero of the story, come in.

Your Donations Make a Difference

Thanks to your kindness, we were able to pay the fees, get Marley’s vaccines and licenses up-to-date, have him microchipped in case of another adventure, and send him back home to his loving family and very best friend, right where he is needed most.


Learn more about our shelter intervention program here.

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