Home Sweet Home.

Will You Help Keep Pets with the People Who Love Them?

Home is where pets belong, but many are at risk of losing those loving homes when the unforeseen occurs.  Oftentimes, people surrender animals due to a lack of financial resources tied to a sudden change in circumstances, just like the unexpected accident that left Snoopy in need of an expensive surgery.


Snoopy with castDid you know, pets surrendered to the shelter face euthanasia rates which are approximately 20% higher than dogs and cats who are brought in through other channels?  This makes them one of the most vulnerable groups of pets.


Many pet owners love their pets dearly but are simply unable to pay for the expense of care. In most cases, these situations could be resolved for less than $300. There are hundreds of situations like Snoopy’s in our community, where a little help keeps a family together.

Your contribution today makes that possible!


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