Helping Birds of a Feather Stay Together

Daniel Desk With Soda.png

Our shelter intervention counselor, Daniel, encountered a woman named Stephanie and her grandson in the shelter lobby who were looking for their lost poodle. Their beloved dog Birdie escaped when landscapers left the side gate open. Thankfully, the little fluffy pup was waiting eagerly for his family to find him and broke out in a happy dance as soon as he saw his favorite boy in the world.

Unfortunately, Birdie required a payment of $127.00 dollars in order to go home. Daniel watched the young man pull out a coffee can full of change and loose dollar bills. He proceeded to count out the fee needed for his best buddy.

The boy had been saving for months for new shoes and a computer for his school work. However, he was prepared to spend every last dime he had to get his dog back. Stephanie, the boy’s grandmother, takes care of him because his mother and father had recently passed away. Birdie is the only tie left to his prior family and provides his human boy with companionship and a sense of stability as he heals from such a tragic loss. “He is so responsible and cares for him and does an amazing job. He saves to take Birdie to the vet every 6 months and pays for all his care. They are inseparable,” Stephanie explained.

Because of your support, this hard-working young man did not have to spend every last dime he had worked so hard for in order to get his best friend and family member back. Your generosity helped send Birdie home where he was needed most.

The boy’s eyes immediately filled with tears of happiness and gratitude when Daniel told him The Arizona Pet Project could help. He stood up to shake Daniel’s hand and repeatedly thanked him. The boy even dropped by the shelter the next day after school to bring our counselor a cold soda to show his appreciation. The act of kindness brought tears to his eyes. Despite how refreshing a cold drink on a warm Phoenix day would have been, Daniel decided to keep the can on his desk (as you can see in the photo) as a symbolic reminder of how many caring, deserving families are doing the very best they can for the pets that enrich their lives.

Despite the fact 1 in 3 pets become lost during their lifetime, a pet becoming lost is still unexpected; so, few families are prepared with extra funding to afford this sudden cost. 42% of the interventions we touched were helping families redeem their pets from the shelter. Your support makes such a difference by sending dogs and cats home with their loving families, freeing up shelter space and valuable resources for the pets that do not have families yet.

Can we count on you to make a life-saving gift to help keep more pets and people together like Birdie and his boy?