Help Theresa and Her Furry Family!

Justin Neighbor Who Offered Help With Theresa

Neighborhood Rallies Help for a Local Woman and Beloved Dogs, The Arizona Pet Project Joins In

Thanks to one of our amazing volunteers, we got wind of an incredible story of a local woman in need and how the community is coming together to help over the weekend. It’s truly a tale that reminds us the impact small acts of kindness can have and how they are adding up to change the lives for this Phoenix family. Click here to view this news story.

Theresa Hernandez is a kind and upbeat 70 year old woman living in her car, while temperatures still surpass 100 degrees, because her home is currently unlivable. She explained that after her husband passed away a few years ago, she could no longer keep up with the many needs of maintaining the home for herself and her 7 furry family members.

Executive Director of The Arizona Pet Project, Leanna Taylor explains, “The sad reality is, in our community, and across the country, Theresa’s story isn’t unique. There are thousands of people struggling to care for themselves and their pets. These are individuals who (like 38% of Americans) were living pay check to pay check, but overall doing fine. Then a sudden change in circumstance comes along and throws their lives into chaos – anything from an illness, a death in the family, a loss of job, to a spike in their rent. Often, this means the dogs and cats have to be surrendered to a shelter which results in the animals losing their homes, and the people lose what may be their only friend in the world.”

Lending a Helping Hand

Luckily in this case, a gentleman named Justin, who had recently moved to the neighborhood, learned of her situation and quickly took action. He has since rallied the support of other neighbors and strangers and The Arizona Pet Project is stepping up too. Will you join us in assisting this family?

We are raising funds to provide spay or neuter, post operation pain meds, and an e-collar to help with the healing process for each of Theresa’s 7 beloved companions. At a cost of $90 per pet, that is a total of $630 required to provide care for each of these dogs in need. Every contribution matters, whether it’s $5 or $10, and as this news story depicts, when we each do what we can when we can it all adds up to something that in times like these, restores our faith in humanity. Click here if you can help!

For those who may be unfamiliar with our organization, “The Arizona Pet Project works with thousands of families with pets each year, to ensure they are able to remain in the home rather than enter our already overcrowded shelters,” describes Taylor. “We are only able to accomplish this through the generosity of our donors. With their support, we look forward to assisting Theresa and her 7 pets in their time of need!”

Other Ways to Help

Another way you can help is by hitting the “share” button to spread this story throughout the community.

Justin is also continuously organizing assistance and volunteers to work on Theresa’s home. To find out more about how you can give your time, please visit the Facebook group “Paying it Forward”.

We are so proud to be part of a community full of caring and compassionate people like YOU working together to help our neighbors and their furry family, just like Theresa and her dogs. Thank you for your commitment to supporting families and saving pets!