Fourth of July Safety Tips

Fourth Of July Safety

The Fourth of July is quickly approaching and while it is a celebratory holiday for us, all the festivities can be fear-inducing for our pets. Loud noises, summer travel, and guests coming and going, all contribute to the notorious rise of missing dogs and cats following the holiday.
Thankfully, there are ways to prepare and ensure your pet’s safety so the whole family can enjoy the holiday.

Tips to Prepare:

  1. Make sure all pets have a collar with an updated ID tag and for dogs-a current rabies license tag, securely attached. If traveling out of town, consider also harnessing dogs to prevent them from slipping from a collar and adding a cell phone to the ID tag if it is not already included.
  2. If your pet is microchipped, verify the registration company has current contact information including an emergency contact.
  3. Talk to your veterinarian or visit a local clinic to have your pet microchipped and registered prior to the holiday or any summer travel.
  4. Create a safe and secure space for your pets away from the noises of fireworks or the activity of a party where someone can accidentally let them out. A back room or a crate are possible options. Provide comfortable bedding and familiar objects with their scent. Keep in mind, some pets may try to hide under furniture or in a closet, especially during fireworks.
  5. If you choose to include your dog in your celebrations, take any necessary steps to secure your yard, lock gates, and properly harness and leash them. If your dog does not typically run away, fireworks can cause even the most trained dogs to react in fear.

Day-of Safety:

  1. If you are attending a party or fireworks display, leave your pets at home in the secure, safe space you have prepared for them.
  2. When hosting celebrations, make your guests aware of your pets and ask them to keep an eye out as they come and go. Post notes on all exit doors and gates as a friendly reminder.
  3. Avoid feeding scraps as many typical party dishes and drinks can be dangerous for pets.
  4. If lighting any fireworks or sparklers at home, keeps pets safely inside to reduce risk of any injuries.
  5. Monitor dogs for signs of heat exhaustion and stroke throughout the day and evening hours here in Phoenix.
  6. Watch pets closely around water. Pets can drown just as easily as children and many factors can affect their ability to swim. Consider using a life vest.

After the Celebrations:

  1. Check your yard and home for debris from fireworks and other dangerous items before letting your pet out.
  2. Reference and share our lost and found pet resources if your pet has gone missing or you know someone in need of the information.


We wish you and your furry family members a relaxing and safe Fourth of July holiday!