Family Dog Set Loose During Home Robbery

Levi Has A Big Smile After Being Picked Up At The Shelter

Shocking News

The phone rings. A stray just arrived at the shelter. It’s your dog.

But, wait. How can that be?

He was snoozing the day away when you left the house!

A sinking feeling takes hold, you shake your head trying to grasp the words. There is no mistake, your beloved best friend somehow got out.

Cynthia and her four sons rushed home after receiving a call from Maricopa County Animal Care & Control reporting their dog Levi was found wandering the streets. When they pulled into the driveway, yet another shock awaited.

Robbery Wreaks Further Havoc

Their house had been robbed and whoever had broken in let Levi loose. They were overcome with emotions. Despite having their possessions stolen, the family was most concerned about the safety of their irreplaceable family member.

They drove to the shelter to bring Levi home. But their hearts sank yet again upon learning the fees necessary to get him out. Needing to repair doors, replace locks, and secure their home again, they had no extra money.

Levi picked up as stray after home robberyThat’s where YOU the heroes of Levi’s story come in! Because of your generous contributions, The Arizona Pet Project was able to pay the remaining fees needed to send him home. After their traumatic and emotional day, Cynthia and her children lit up as soon as they got to hug their lovable pup.

Our pets bring us comfort and security, especially after a traumatic experience like a robbery. Thank you for helping Levi return home where he was truly needed most.