Celebrating #GivingTuesday

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We’re Celebrating #GivingTuesday

The Arizona Pet Project recognizes the biggest givers in our lives- our pets. They give us affection, healing, joy, and above all else- unconditional love when we need it most.

Knuckle’s mom credits him with saving her life.

She recently fled an abusive marriage and has struggled to get back on her feet while trying to find work and support three kids.

Knuckles hospitalized When Knuckles stopped eating and began losing weight, she tried everything within her means to help the dog who inspired her to get out of bed each and every day.

Nothing worked.

Desperate to help for her best friend, she turned to The Arizona Pet Project.

Knuckles was diagnosed with an infection in his lungs that had spread throughout his body, preventing him from absorbing nutrients from his food.

When we met Knuckles, it was unclear if he would survive. He and his family were in dire need of help.

Thanks to you- our incredible supporters, The Arizona Pet Project rushed him to our veterinary partner, Phoenix Dog Cat Bird Hospital, who worked tirelessly to give Knuckles a second chance.

KnucklesAfter several days of hospitalization, he miraculously pulled through and was running and playing once again.

When he was reunited with his loving family, the tears of joy were contagious.

Knuckles and his family are just beginning their long journey towards healing, but because of YOU…they have each other.

Your #GivingTuesday donation will be matched to help even more pets and families in need this holiday season!

Donate today in honor or memory of your unconditional loved one. 

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