A Second Chance For Oskar Whitetoe

A Second Chance for Oskar Whitetoe

  • Published October 10, 2020

Anyone who knows us knows that we firmly believe that pets are family. And when our family members are in pain, it's absolutely gut-wrenching.  Several weeks ago we were connected with Christina's family through our partner organization, NAGI Foundation. Christina,…

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When Karena Was Alone, YOU Were There For Her

When Karena was alone, YOU were there for her

  • Published September 29, 2020

It's Christmas Eve night and there are reminders of the holiday all around you. You're camped out at a Phoenix bus stop with all your belongings because you have no home to go to. You're alone, except for your pets.…

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Maria & Shadow – Reunited Thanks To YOU!

Maria & Shadow – Reunited Thanks to YOU!

  • Published August 26, 2020

Imagine you’re going about your day as usual. Maybe you just made a meal for your family? Or you’re getting ready for work, watching TV, or playing with the kids. Suddenly you realize something is off. Your best buddy, who…

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Amy & Rogue – Together Thanks To You!

Amy & Rogue – Together thanks to you!

  • Published July 29, 2020

Amy met Rogue several years ago when someone found Rogue as a stray and asked Amy if she could take her to the shelter. She was underweight and fearful of just about everything, and clearly needed a friend. That’s just…

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Taking Action For Increased Impact

Taking Action for Increased Impact

  • Published June 24, 2020

The Arizona Pet Project is focused around serving pet owners in crisis and low income situations. Make no mistake though - we assist anyone who falls into that category. We also know that overwhelmingly it is our communities of color…

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Rocky Is Walking Again Thanks To You

Rocky is Walking Again Thanks To You

  • Published June 20, 2020

When Jeanette found The Arizona Pet Project, she was facing the gut-wrenching possibility of having to say goodbye to her best bud, Rocky. He was suffering from a mysterious condition in his hind legs, rendering them almost unusable. As a…

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AZPP Team Dives Into The Deep End

AZPP Team Dives Into The Deep End

  • Published February 12, 2020

The Arizona Pet Project Team recently had the opportunity to work with The Deep End team for a staff retreat. Our group gathered for a morning of movement, meditation, and reflection led by The Deep End instructor, Harmony. Through guided…

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Safety And Stability For Michelle And Kashi

Safety and Stability for Michelle and Kashi

  • Published January 17, 2020

Imagine facing the decision of sleeping on the streets or staying in an abusive and unsafe situation? Leaving your home in the hope of creating a better life for you and your dog even if it means being homeless demands…

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2020 Animal Survivor: Chance

2020 Animal Survivor: Chance

  • Published January 7, 2020

Fearless Kitty Rescue received an urgent alert about an orange cat who had been surrendered to Pinal County Animal Care and Control. When they saw the photos showing the condition he was in, they knew they had to help. The…

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Your Compassion Kept Roberta And Ozzy Together!

Your Compassion Kept Roberta and Ozzy Together!

  • Published December 23, 2019

Dear friend, Cancer. A word that strikes fear in the heart and has deeply affected so many families, including mine. So, I can only imagine the range of emotions Roberta underwent when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had…

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