Bella provides healing, now she needs our help

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Its Friday, and while we try to deliver good feels, sometimes the stories we hear just hit hard. So, you may want to sit down and buckle up because we are moving at lightning speed to assist beautiful Bella and her loving mom Senaida, and we need your help.

Some years ago, a traumatic accident left Senaida mostly immobilized. Due to severe injuries in both her legs, Senaida is wheel chair bound and has to support her family on a very fixed disability income. Such a sudden transition has not been easy and with the shortage of affordable housing in Phoenix, Senaida and her family have, until recently, experienced homelessness. 

Can you imagine?

Senaida felt like door after door was being slammed in her face. But when you have children to care for, you keep knocking. And knock she did, until they had a home to call their own. Walls, a roof, a door they could close and lock giving them the sense of safety they had been missing.

When they learned they could have pets, Senaida’s daughter Ruth thought having a dog would lift her mom’s spirits. She brought home a  chihuahua with soulful eyes and satellite sized ears. They named her Bella. 

Bella provides healing and companionship for Senaida. She rarely leaves her mom’s side and sleeps snuggled up in her arms every night. With all Senaida has faced in life, Bella is a source of joy and unconditional love.

Now, here’s where you– our kindhearted supporters- come in. 

On Tuesday, Bella was struck by a car and severely injured. With no extra money to pay for life-saving surgery, Senaida and her daughter Ruth have been desperately looking for resources to help. The Arizona Pet Project’s shelter intervention counselor set up an appointment with our veterinary partner to find out how extensive Bella’s injuries are.

The good news is Bella’s injuries are treatable, but it will take about $1,000 in order to do so.

Bella has a fractured leg and multiple breaks in her pelvis which will require surgery to repair. This family has been through so much, and we want to help Bella heal so she can enjoy life with the people who need her most.

Will you consider a special $5 Friday donation today to join us in being there for Bella and Senaida

Because, we can’t support families and save pets without you.


$5 to save lives