A Case for Good Karma

Karma Shelter Poster

“There she is, that’s the dog we adopted! That’s her happy face and we just want her to be happy, we don’t want her to suffer,” said Karma’s mom as she sat in the shelter lobby talking with Daniel, The Arizona Pet Project’s Shelter Intervention Counselor.

Karma was adopted by her loving family from Maricopa County Animal Care & Control 3 years ago. We can only imagine how difficult it was to arrive thinking their only option was to surrender her and then to see that giant, silly smile staring back at them must have been even more heart-wrenching.

Karma’s family began noticing ticks on their sweet pup. They tried various over the counter products that they could afford but the ticks kept appearing. They were worried no matter what they did, the ticks would return and continue to plague their beloved furry family member. So, they turned to the shelter.

They walked into the lobby prepared to surrender to help Karma but they hoped for resources or treatment they could afford. Thanks to YOU, our compassionate supporters who impact so many pets and families in our community, that is exactly what they found!

With your help, we were able to provide a veterinary exam and treatment for Karma as well as further advice on how to rid their home and yard of ticks. YOU kept this beautiful girl in her home where she belongs and we are so grateful for your continued commitment to supporting families and saving pet lives! Talk about some good karma.

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