2020 Over The Rainbow Bridge Lulu

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When Lulu was born 15 years ago, she was the runt of the litter but her small stature was not an accurate indication of the big life she would lead!

Tim and Sandy Day knew Lulu was meant to be part of their family the moment they laid eyes on her, but they could not have guessed what a profound impact she would have on their lives. They describe the moment Lulu joined the Day family as a “shift in the universe”!

Weighing in at just 12 pounds, Lulu had a zest for life and an extraordinary personality, one that was ten times her physical size. She traveled the country, visited oceans, spent her days playing, and provided incomparable joy and companionship to her family.

Lulu with her parents, Sandy and Tim DayOnce they had added a pup to their pack, they soon found their way to fellow dog-lovers and the rescue community. It was then they learned of the pet overpopulation and homeless crisis. The sheer number of dogs who were in need of homes and families of their own was staggering and overwhelming. This newfound knowledge, coupled with their unconditional love and commitment to providing the best for Lulu, the Day’s felt compelled to help.

In 2012, Lulu’s Fund was born.

Lulu’s Fund focuses on organizations that treat existing medical issues, provide spay and neuter services, place dogs in safe foster homes, and ultimately find forever homes for the pets they care for. Over 30 nonprofits (including The Arizona Pet Project!) have received critical funding and support- a number that continues to grow. Countless lives, organizations, and communities have been forever changed, all thanks to Lulu!

Lulu lived life fully, and each day inspired her parents to preserve and support the human-animal bond for pets and families in need. After 15 years, Lulu’s incredible time on Earth came to an end and her parents faced the impossible decision to help their special girl make her way over the Rainbow Bridge.  

LuluThe Arizona Pet Project, along with so many in the animal welfare community, mourned the loss of such an unforgettable soul. Lulu’s legacy lives on through the pets that benefit from Lulu’s Fund. On behalf of the lives she has (and continues) to save, please join us to honor Lulu as our 2020 Over the Rainbow Bridge honoree.

Attend the 17th Annual HERO Awards on February 29th to celebrate and remember Lulu- a special dog who continues to positively impact the lives of pets and families in our community!

To take advantage of the early bird pricing, visit azpetproject.org/hero.