2020 Human Hero

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2020 Human Hero

Emilee Spear

Emilee and RustyIt takes courage to fulfill your true calling in life and this year’s 2020 Human HERO is no stranger to daring greatly to save lives. While Emilee Spear has worked tirelessly in the animal welfare industry for years, it wasn’t until she crossed paths with an extra special pup named Rusty that everything changed.

Rusty was Emilee’s very first rescue. He was pulled from the euthanasia list at the county shelter. He was skin and bones, deaf, going blind, had a mouth full of rotten teeth, and was so lost and scared. Emilee fostered him for a while but it was clear he was right where he belonged. She adopted him knowing it was not likely anyone else would come looking for such an ancient soul. She didn’t know how much time he had left on this Earth, but what she learned from Rusty was that every dog deserved to depart knowing love, safety, security, and family.

Rusty lived nearly two more years thanks to Emilee and her unconditional love. When he passed, she vowed to continue helping more senior dogs in need in his honor. With that, Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary was born in February of 2014.

Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a safe and caring environment for senior and special needs canines. Through rescue, foster, adoption, education and hospice, the organization creates secure nurturing homes for the dogs to live out their twilight years.

Since then, Emilee has done so much to bring awareness to what an honor it is to love a senior through their final days. For those who cannot be adopted, the dogs who come to Rusty’s live out their remaining time in the comfort and beauty of the sanctuary.

Emilee and her supporters have accomplished so much through their first 5 years:

·        202 lives saved.

·        109 adoptions.

·        1 main house and 6 tiny houses on the property.

·        2 full-time and 2 part-time animal caretakers.

·        Over 75 volunteers giving over 7500 hours of their time.

·        Purchased adjacent 5 acres going doubling the sanctuary’s acreage.

·        Dogs adopted are living all over Arizona, California, Texas, Oregon, New Mexico, and New Jersey.

Emilee with senior dogWhile starting something new is never easy, Emilee has dedicated her heart and soul to making Rusty’s Angels a safe haven for senior pets in need. We are so thrilled to honor her as our 2020 Human HERO!

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