2020 Animal Survivor: Chance

Chance 2

Fearless Kitty Rescue received an urgent alert about an orange cat who had been surrendered to Pinal County Animal Care and Control. When they saw the photos showing the condition he was in, they knew they had to help.

The rescue was shocked at what they found when they arrived. He was in a dire state- his fur was completely matted to his skin which was crusted and peeling. Time was of the essence Fearless Kitty Rescue was prepared to do everything they could to give him a second chance. They loaded him in the car and lovingly named him…well, Chance!

Chance’s early days with the rescue were a roller coaster as they worked tirelessly to stabilize and treat him. He had extremely high fevers and a lack of appetite while veterinarians simultaneously struggled to diagnose his skin condition. Everyone was trying desperately to figure out what was causing Chance’s pain. As their last effort, they took him to a veterinary dermatologist while clinging to hope they could save him.

It was confirmed that Chance had a rare disease called Pemphigus Foliaceus- an incurable auto-immune related skin condition causing blisters, cuts, and crusty spots on the skin. While it sounds terrible, the good news is it’s a manageable condition and Chance would indeed get the second chance at life he so deserved!

After 3 months of treating Chance’s skin condition, he was finally well enough to have a dental procedure where he would have all of his teeth removed due to severe disease. No one realized when he arrived at the hospital for his procedure that his world would dramatically change again!

While sitting in his kennel waiting to be prepped for surgery, Becca, the hospital manager, went in to give him a quick pet and some words of assurance. Chance instantly wrapped his arms around her neck and gave her a big hug- forever sealing his fate! Becca knew at that exact moment she needed to adopt Chance and immediately reached out to Fearless Kitty to seal the deal.

Chance is now known as Butters and lives a wonderful life full of love, snuggles, and playtime with his mom, dad, and pet siblings. For reminding us of the power of perseverance, teamwork, and hope – we honor Chance as our 2020 Animal Survivor honoree!

Please join us for the 17th Annual HERO Awards on February 29th to celebrate Chance’s will to live and all those who had a hand in saving him!

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