Hero Nomination Categories

Our selection committee will use the following criteria definitions to determine our Heroes.

Animal Hero

This is for animals that have saved or protected a person, describe the events that led to the situation. How exactly did the animal respond to the situation? What is the relationship between the animal and the person saved? What did this heroic act mean to the person saved? (We encourage war heroes and law enforcement animals to apply).

Service to the Community

For animals that have performed services within the community, please include information as to how the animal’s contributions have benefited the community. How did the animal get involved? How does it make you feel for your animal to help the community in this way?

Animal Survivor

Describe the circumstances under which you came across the animal. What were your initial thoughts? How did the animal respond to you? What were your feelings through the experience? How has the animal’s behavior, temperament, and personality changed upon meeting you? What sets this dog or cat apart from others who have suffered from abuse, neglect or major injury?

Loyal Companion

his is an animal who acted in an extraordinary way and stayed by their loved one’s side during a difficult time (such as a person with a terminal illness, or provided comfort during the passing away of a spouse or family member, etc.)

Over The Rainbow Bridge

As we know our animal companions cross the rainbow bridge too soon. This award is for pets that have crossed in the past 12 months. What was the impact this pet had on the community during their lifetime? How will this pet’s name and contribution to the community live on? 

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